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The is the website which offers the best writing for all clients. The website claims to provide a high quality of service for any discipline or field according to requirements. They say that there service will be highly beneficial for you because of being much accurate and reliable in digital market. They claim to help all their clients with best content but I warn you, never be a prey to their cheesy talks about high quality, very responsive, highly qualifies, experienced, very rich vocabulary and gold medallist to provide you rich quality material for higher grades.

Pricing System

The ukwritings charge for the poor administration they offered is never feels like sensible. That isn't legitimate for the nature of administration they convey. They are accused by their clients for charging high cost for a minimized administration. Their aggressive sites give better stuff at truly sensible costs. I would genuinely blame them for overpricing. Furthermore, they have no refund or money back policy in case of non-fulfilling the requirements.

Discounts and Special Offers

The ukwritings boast a lot about they care for you and your budget, as you are their valuable customer, so they are offering you discounts on different deals. Those deals are for no good but just to capture the money.

Security Level (Payment Process)

The ukwritings claim to be very responsible in case of security of your stuff and keeping your data in safe custody but that is actually an oily tongue to have the largest bite. We recommend you to not leave at stake your important information. They are cheat and will leak out your information or even may sale it to your rivals or competitors for more money. Further, their payment methods are also not reliable at all.

Customer Support

They claim to respond within seconds covering all platforms like live chat, Facebook, email, phone call and WhatsApp etc. without any considerable delay. But that is a totally bogus statement, the website is not well-intentioned to assist you in getting quality service in described tenure. They either wouldn’t respond you in time or their response would lack the length of information you asked for. They told you to provide your work in parts so you can check the performance step by step but that process takes a long time even double than decided while dealing.

Writer Expertise and Delivery

The ukwritings promised that their writers have highest expertise to right the best content essays for you. These quality contents will ensure the best grades in your academic career. But what the promises actually meant? They broke each of their promise one by one, by not keeping their words. They deceive all of you by delivering the poorest content. We do not recommend ukwritings at all. They deserve no better reviews than 1 out of 5.



The work delivered to me was not as per my requirements and when asked for revisions; they declined it several times. Moreover, it was delivered 15 days late. No compensation given when asked.


The worst company don’t, they stole my money for nothing, they took my money and at the same time they said the wirter can not do any thing with your paper and they refused to gave my money back.


Rubbish service! I could have written a better essay myself. Waste of money, exactly what I was afraid about! Never coming back.


This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my whole life. They have stolen my money for literally nothing. They missed the deadline twice and, at the end, they sent me nothing. When I requested a refund, they just send a portion of what I originally paid and stole the remaining. They took money for doing nothing, can you imagine!!! I urge anyone to even think about dealing with them. I hope I have found someone who urged me before I have had such a loss.


Its a scam company, ukwritings, simplegrad are there own review websites, all other public platform have updated them 1 star for worst services. I wish I had seen this before. Only 3 people Paula, Christopher & Justin (Fake names of actually Pakistani or Bangladeshi team) pick your call, ask order id and do nothing about it. Extremely poor work with worst writers. Worst worst experience.


Hello. Could anyone who had the same bad experiences with UK writings contact please. The idea is to take legal steps against this obviously fraudulent company which seems to have messed it up for quite some people.


I was just about to place order when I seen on PayPal they were charging me in USD?? Why USD I thought this was an English company? I spoke to someone online and she replied and said it is because PayPal is an American company?? Lie!! She must think I am stupid!! She then said it is because there bank accounts are in Cyprus and it automatically goes to USD!!!Do not use this company! Stay well clear!!!!! They reassure you, you are safe using PayPal! You are not safe using PayPal at all! Stay well away!




Terrible. Paid extra for additional services and the work produced is awful. Scam website. Do not pay them any money.


A bunch of incompetent dimwits. A big fraud! They are basically after money. They gave me a useless nincompoop to write my essay. I was lucky to ask for an outline on the assignment prior to starting, Jeez, it was hogwash! Too many grammatical errors and irrelevant materials to be used. And the useless management said 'after careful research and consultations of several materials..