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In this contemporary period, academic organizations provide a lot of written work to pupils for their grooming. But as they are educating for the examination, they get the employment of composing corporations, but all industries are not legit. is an identical corporation implicated in the hacking of pupils' bank accounts. To escape pupils from corruption, we are going to review them.

Services: what they offer?

This site's central drawback is that they don’t have any services page so you cannot investigate what actual offers. Such behaviour of this corporation is immature because they are just kidding with MPhil and PhD students. Also, they will equip you with manuscripts that are mostly copied but not unique. They don’t use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Pricing System: is that affordable?

The important rate of this corporation is beyond your approach so never consider purchasing their services. is one of the costly institutes we ever came across functioning with 29 dollars for single page dissertations. However their delivered work is worthless.

Last 5 years track record?

Average Score of every review website for this company?

Quality of work as per our first hand experience?

Is this company based in UK?

Result of our survey:

Most Possibly a Scam!

Trusted Dissertation & Essay Writing Service in UK




Top Rated



                                       100% Confidentiality

                                        Money Back

                                       Timely Delivery


Discounts and Special Offers: is that real?

They don’t offer any sort of discounts.

Security Level (Payment Process): is that safe?

You can use this corporation site but it is asserted by past customers that their cards were hacked by the corporation so working with a corporation implicated in cyber crimes is not rationality.

Customer Support: do they respond?

Another bogus activity of is that they don’t care for pupils' privacy. They resold customers' papers and provide work which is not according to their instructions. Besides, they blackmail students to call the university and demand additional money. So, never depends on them for your writing needs.

Writer Expertise and Delivery: do they deliver well?

We inferred that is not a responsible company. They are scammers and blackmail innocent pupils for money. Additionally, their consumer care system is not valid. So keep avoiding them. We don’t recommend them.