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The writers are said to have versatile writing skills which must be acknowledged to their clients. But this was just a lame statement which merely tries to capture the clients as fast as it can. The writers are not expert in writing but they are tricky a lot to make you fully trapped in their net. We recommend you that try to find some other writing website to get your work done in time with all due capabilities. Otherwise the papercheap is not good for you at all. We definitely not recommend you this site for writing and review them 0.5 out of 5.

You may get trapped in their cheesy talks and fake claims of providing you the best quality of writings for thesis, projects, business reports and university dissertations but this has been proved many times that their customers are crying for not having the job done in tie and even been expelled from the institutes for not submitting the final documents.

Pricing System

The prices they are charging for very deprived stuff is just so unfair. They call their selves as royalessay writers but they are actually so poor and cheap in their manners. There is nothing like royalty in their writings. But yeah, the price is so royal like they are giving you the crown of some queen.

Discounts and Special Offers

No discount at all! The royalessays often tell their customers at once s they would never ask them for any rebate or so. When they introduce any sort of special offer or light packages it conation various conditions that no one can fulfil. So it is better to leave the thought of having any discounted package for you.

Security Level (Payment Process)

The security system of royalessays is so disappointing that they never care about their clients information being misplaces, being theft or being misused even. You will often see you name in some criminal group some unknown FIRs and many illegal places which will be much harmful than you expect it to be.

Customer Support

The royalessays claim to provide best customer care services which are easy to access and use to contact with them. They claim to respond within seconds covering all platforms like live chat, Facebook, email, phone call and WhatsApp etc. without any considerable delay. But that is a totally bogus statement, the website is not well-intentioned to assist you in getting quality service in described tenure. They either wouldn’t respond you in time or their response would lack the length of information you asked for. They told you to provide your work in parts so you can check the performance step by step but that process takes a long time even double than decided while dealing.

Writer Expertise and Delivery

The royalessays say their writers are of so rich standard and they can work on any topic of their choice without hesitation. They say you may ask for anything in essay with any sort of reference, their writers have the calibre to write it down before the stipulated time, too. But what is the real scene? Totally different from the display, they never deliver on time. Further, the stuff will have various punctuation and grammatical errors. Even sometimes it may be totally irrelevant to the topic you asked for. That is the pure proof of incompetency of their staff. We never recommend you a website like royalessays. They deserve 0 reviews out of 5.



I don`t find them honest. They are the 100% representation of how a writing resource shouldn`t look like! Avoid them and their so-called 'help'. I wouldn`t recommend them to any-ANYONE!


They may look trustworthy but in reality, not even close. You pay money and you get nothing. They pretended for 2 weeks that they were working on my order and then sent me a letter that the topic was too unclear and demanded too much research and they had to refuse to finish it. Just what you expect for that much money.


I still struggle to understand what made me order from this company. Pricey, unprofessional, of poor quality, with unfriendly support managers and ignorant writers. I don`t think it`s even worth trying and ordering from them once.


They should really reconsider their working policies. I expected them to have some more respect than they did. Cause in the end, I received a worthless research paper with many errors in it. Even though I asked for a revision after, they didn`t give it to me. I actually regret applying for their writing assistance.


Forget about all of your wants/needs when you decide to cooperate with They cannot improve the written paper, nor can they explain why some of the parts of your paper were missed. It`s a complete mystery of how it happens. Like for real? I will not work with you again guys.


Provided service was on a very low level. I did`t get enough information in my assignment either. I doubt they even tried to write my assignement normally. I really doubt that. I will not recommend using them to any of you.


I was reckless enough to place an order at this site... They emailed me an order confirmation and then contacted me in the chat where we discussed some details. Yet, when I tried to get in touch regarding progress the other day, it took around an hour from them to answer. And they don't have any phone number! Eventually, I even received my paper! And looking at the format, styling and citations I think I'd better done it on my own. I won't even ask for rewriting from them.


That's interesting. I wasn't even able to make an order since the form simply won't work. No one answered me in chat, either. These guys don't realize their website is basically their entire business!


They shouldn`t give promises they cannot keep. Just like Getting A+ promise on their main page of the website. With you won`t get an easy A, actually, you won`t get an A at all. I`d suggest it`s better to stay away from them. Like really stay away.


It was so difficult to get even a little single word from them! I wanted to get an explanation why my paper didn`t have the QA report for which I paid - I had no answer to that. I wanted to have a revision and necessary changes applied - I had no answer. Awful resource!