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The mhwriter is a website who claims to have best writers in the world to work for any type of project of writing. They claim to work so expertly and innovatively so you will really think they are best for assigning any project of writing. But this is not just a game this is your important task of the final year project or may be your very important presentation at the meeting. Just try not to put at risk your reputation at your institute. The mhwriter are just fake business men who can do anything to grab your money. We do not recommend this website of writing to you.

Pricing System

The prices mhwriter charge for writing your stuff is just too expensive to be bear in any single income household. Just be wise and think twice before spending your money on any digital writing market like mhwriter.

Discounts and Special Offers

The discounted offers and special packages are for those who are their permanent clients. You will feel like you may get these offers once you be their customer. Everyone thinks like that but they are so poor in their quality and customer dealing that once being their client proves to be a lifetime lesson for them to never make a deal with such kind of frauds.

Security Level (Payment Process)

The mhwriter are not ours in any sense. They just keep sing your information for illicit activities, once you tell them about you. This may be your biggest mistake of life sharing personal information with them. As, you may get trapped in various problems after making this deal.

Customer Support

Customer support is to help the customers in whatsoever circumstances, you need to be available to your customer every single time they need to ask a question. This definition must be taught to mhwriter 1000 times so they can truly understand what customer support literally mean. As, they show zero concern in what their customers are facing or what they want to ask during the project. Who will want to sign a deal with such rude business page for getting their work done? I am sure you wouldn’t!

Writer Expertise and Delivery

The writers of mhwriter are not capable of doing research on any new topic of subject. They are old fashioned writers with poor vocabulary which is not good in this era. You will need some expert and creative writers for your work. This website is good for nothing. We do not recommend you mhwriter at all. They deserves no better reviews than 0.5 out of 5.



This a fraud website. I asked them one week ago to do an assingment in Artifitial intellegence, they told me that they have expert to do it professionally. They lied to me. They answered the questions wrong. The did a rapish job in the business study. They refused to refund me or to do it agan. I can't believe they stole my money. Don't believe them. They steal people's money.


Scam! The worst service and took my money, no customer service to speak to. The template was two day late! The project was finished and they sent me a template of something completely what I did not ask for claiming it to be the order Requested. No one gave me a credit. They took my money and did nothing but cause me debt, poor grades, and stress! Don’t do it!


Please beware, they are scammers! quick to take your money and miss deadlines and the quality of the assignment was utter bad! No refund given! A ten year old could do a better job (no offence to the ten year old). You claim to be experts but you actually scam people. Don't worry i haven't even started you bunch of crooks!


Well you changed my cover letter after I prof read it 3 time before I sent it Then you locked me out of my account. Will never use or recommend you.


This site is a scam! Do Not Purchase From Them. They sent me nothing, for a week, that even resembled what I paid for. They are crooks.


This is 100% scam website. They're fooling you with the design of the website. The address they have in their website is fake too. Everything about this website is fake. They sent me a paypal link on my email to pay for the homework. I paid $300 as initial payment to start working on my homework. When you try to contacting them via email they will not respond. Even if you're trying to reach them using the live chat support they will procrastinate with a reply. DON'T get fooled.


They are very helpful and respond quickly before you pay, Once you pay, they will never ever respond to any of your email, I asked for a help for an assignment and they sent me something totally different, like the closest pdf file that they did not know what it was, when I tried explaining that this wasn't the assignment I sent, they ignored my emails for like 2 whole days, when I try to chat with them, they would literally cut me off once I ask about my situation. Just avoid them at all costs!


These are bunch of scammer to steal your money; do not every trust them. They are school kids who would ruin your educational life. I submitted an assignment and paid above 200$ and the work returned was just my documents and the person who was chatting sounded like a kid of 8th grade. Please don't waste your time here, try to find somewhere else and make sure you explain them and get your answers before you can pay the down payment for the work; I have disputed through the paypal and hopefully, they will get the money out of this scammer.


I emailed detailed instructions and explanation of my paper, told them the due date and they wer not able to do any of what I asked. They didn't deliver it in time, when I got it it was so bad quality that I couldn't use it. I asked for my money back but did only get half of it back, I paid 135$. So waste of time and effort to work with this site. Do not trust!


They never delivered my order, just kept promising. Stay away! The communication was almost non existent, as if your talking to a repetitive chat bot.