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Gloablprojectshelp is as global in fraud their name is global. Their practices make them very cheap and unbelievable. They claim to be a UK based company but it is all lie. They are functioning from some remote part of India without any registration numbers. So, it is an illegal corporation.

Services: what they offer?

List of services cannot define the credibility of a writing firm that it will compose right work. Their speciality is all about fakeness. Their work Is plagiarized as their writers copy a content fro online word, and deliver to you with check it on Turnitin. They use some cheap software. So, when services quality is bad nothing else can be beneficial for you.

Pricing System: is that affordable?

Prices of global projects are also beyond your budget. You cannot pay the easy, you will struggle hard to manage money for them along with your university expansion. This is their another cheating that they demand high prices from you in order to deliver you plagiarized content work. These make the company very low in the ranking.

Discounts and Special Offers: is that real?

They are all scammers so scammers and fraudulent always trap you with providing fake discounts and special offers. You are required to never get entangled in their net otherwise you will not be left with regret then. Because they steal your financial information. You are in great dangro8s with them.

Security Level (Payment Process): is that safe?

All kind of payment methods are accepted by globalprojecthelp but it is not for your facility> it is acceptable by them in order to steal your financial information and hack your bank account for plundering all of your amounts. They are very serious fraud by them.

Customer Support: do they respond?

When they try to convince you their agents with fake names and profile approach you and talk to you very sweetly. Such sweetness soon vanished when you place an order and they start blackmailing you to not criticize their work and not ask for a refund. Because they may contact your university and tell them about the activities that you are getting writing company firms.

Writer Expertise and Delivery: do they deliver well?

From any perspective global projects writers do not seem professional and qualified. They are not capable to compose relevant work based on your instruction. All they deliver you inadequate writings which you can never submit to your class teacher. Further, their delivery is also late. Overall we do not recommend them.

User Review

This company is a fraud. This company does not get you the grades you pay them to get you. They lie to and cheat their customers. They will approach you from Facebook, WeChat and Skype. Using Fake Facebook profiles. Fake Phone number from SKYPE. You pay a lot of money for nothing. It is a waste of time and money. The company also does not take responsibility for their wrongdoings such as lying to their customers. Please have a look and do not get involved with them. They steal your money.

By Olivia Lawrence



Writer threated us when we complained that the paper was poorly written. The company reassured us the writer was being terminated but she is till working for the company.


I have never write a review in my life. But this would be my first time writing review about bad experience service. I would like to warn the general public to stay away from this company.


Guys be AWARE of this scam website they stole my money they took $510 from me!! they aren't professional at all.. i am following my order with my lawyer and PayPal now and I will write a review EVERYWHERE to warn people about you.


This was my first time using globalprojects writing help and I’m totally frustrated. I’ve been through two revisions with Nerdify now, and they still can’t get it right.


It came straight from wiki, word for word. And for this reason nothin about the essay made sense. I wanted to find facts fast, but thy clearly weren’t true, considering it was saying that the wealthy got this disease most often. Anyway wouldn’t ever recommend, the essays are plagiarized. Teachers would easily catch you just by looking up your topic point.


You can get caught easily because if you copy and paste a paragraph you can see that same exact paragraph in wikipedia.


You should avoid this site. Very poor writing also high plagiarism. I got F for that assignment.


If i could give this website a 0 star i will. Worse website ever, when someone puts their trust on ya'll you guys should try your best to give the scored people paid for. Writers do need to read instructions which caused me a FAILING scored. Also they could not provide a new writer to read the assignment, instead they wanted me to place a new order and pay again. I asked for my refund they refused to since assignment was deliver.Delivered with a failing scored this is unbelievable .


Worst website ever ! Do not try them! Very unprofessional writers and even worse customer service . Writers do need read instructions which caused me to get 0 in my assignment and they won’t provide me with refund or provide a new writer to redo the assignment .


I received a report which I payed more than 2000 pounds for and it was 92% plagiarism - after complaining to the company they didn't take any responsibility for the unprofessional job they supplied to me. I would advice you to avoid using their services.