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The essay mania are writer who offer to write best content for your essays in any type of discipline and any grade. They say they are experts in writing for undergraduate, graduate or post graduate. They brag a lot about their efficient service of writing but the truth reveals when you try their service for your own assignments and essay writings. You will be depressed by experiencing their service for once. Literally they are fraud and write much poor stuff which can never be submitted to any respectable institute.

Pricing System

Prices! The essaymania say they never care for payment method but the real concern is your satisfaction. Just a statement! They actually only care for the money and nothing else. The essaymania charge so high price for very shitty stuff and say it is all up to your desired standard. Never trust them.

Discounts and Special Offers

The essaymania may offer you any discounted package with special offers of special price rebates. But that is just a trick baby. They wouldn’t forget a single penny. Instead they will literally hatch you money as much as they can by talking about different concessions on more purchases. You should rethink your order with them and escape the fraud to save your time and money.

Security Level (Payment Process)

The essaymania is not secured at all, you will cry sooner or later for making a deal with them. As, not only the quality and delivery is poor but they also use your data for negative purpose. They often sale it to foreign countries or to illegal people for high price. It is also possible that they start trying to blackmail you for your information.

Customer Support

Customer support is a matter of concern for various honest businesses but the essaymania have no concern for their customer’s satisfaction. They never shown any interest in their customers’ issues and problems. Instead they often shout at those clients who ask for any refund or revision of the project. This thing make them totally ridiculous in their situation to make any single deal with them. You can observe their customer reviews for more detailed suggestions about essaymania.

Writer Expertise and Delivery

The essaymania say they have expert writers with highly efficient skill. They will work on you project days and night and will deliver on time. But this was just their fake claim, actual story is totally mirror image of their statements. As, they never do hard work on your task and never deliver in time. You will be late in your submission and also with a third class project. We literally ask you to escape from essaymania. Never try their service for your own good sake. They deserve no review better than 1 out of 5.