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The essaybird is a website which offer to write for your academics and professional essays at any topic. They say they are much capable of working that they can write about anything with any delay in time. They say that they are very professional in searching and writing about anything either it is your academic project or business profile. But lame talk prevails very soon. You may observe this thing in their customer reviews.

Pricing System

The prices they charge for the poorest quality stuff is not affordable at any stance. They charge per word and the words have zero value in vocabulary scale. The essaybird are totally fake and they just need high money after giving you very poor quality essays which are of no use even to the 3rd grade kids.

Last 5 years track record?

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Quality of work as per our first hand experience?

Is this company based in UK?

Result of our survey:

Most Possibly a Scam!

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Discounts and Special Offers

The Price of essaybird is not affordable at all and they know it. So, they use different tricks to capture more clients and more money. They say they will work more or they will provide you some free service with slogans of buy one get one, or buy and get some chance to win. These are the old tricks of all fraud websites and businesses. Some packages are offered to new clients only with an intention of capturing new innocent clients who are mere college going teens or so.

Security Level (Payment Process)

The security level of essaybird is so poor. They not only use the personal information to earn more money by selling to different sites and countries but also they may blackmail you too. They often capture their clients saying they will contact your institute for not doing your homework honestly. People get trapped and send more and more money to them in fear of getting rusticated from college. So, it is a god idea to do your job yourself or take help of some expert.

Customer Support

Customer support of essaybird is not on the level they brag about. They say they are available to their clients 2/7 but it is not so. They will never respond your messages and calls once they got the money they asked for. So, you will be unable to get answer of your questions. This is so irresponsible attitude of any business site.

Writer Expertise and Delivery

The writers of essaybird are very expert as they say. But they are expert in using wrong tricks to get their work done easily. The stuff they will provide you will be totally copy paste form google or Wikipedia and you will face insult from your seniors for having a plagiarised work in hand. This is so embarrassing for any student to have plagiarism in their work or facing punishment for cheating in their assignments.

This will ruin your reputation and career both. The essaybird are never recommended due to this negative attitude. We suggest you better find some other well-reputed platform to get your work done in due time and desired standard. Otherwise, essaybird are just fraud and deserve no better review then 1. Out of 5.