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dissertationplanet is the website designed to help the students and scholars in writing an academic dissertation to get good grades in the degree with any discipline. The site dissertationplanet promised to provide high-quality stuff to the researchers, help them saving their precious time and focus on their activities. Shamefully, this website is playing with student’s future as it never does the right task rightly. Further, they wouldn’t even care for the deadline of submission.

You should never count on their quality of service. As, they never work up to the mark so you may risk all your effort just due to selecting a worse quality service. They try their best to capture the clients at first time being very responsive to you before order but once the buyer get to know their service, he never be a victim again. They will neglect your priorities regarding thesis, dissertation and deadlines. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to complain about their poor service & never be able to file against them for disloyalty.

They often accused for not even understanding the meanings and formats of these services. They are fake at all. All the bragging of providing you high quality products are nothing more than just a fraud.

Pricing System

The price they charge for the hell poor service, is never sensible. That is not justifiable for the quality of service they deliver. They are blamed by their customers for charging high price for a down-rated service. Their competitive websites provide better services at very reasonable prices. I would honestly accuse them of overpricing.

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Most Possibly a Scam!

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Discounts and Special Offers

To get your attention they will often brag about the discount offers and buy now get off like offers to capture the client instantly without even knowing the quality of service. Beware! If you do so, you may suffer a heavy loss.

Security Level (Payment Process)

The website dissertationplanet has messed up a lot to lose their trust in working markets. They got failed to satisfy their customers’ needs. Visiting their sites thoroughly I just found that either they got negative or fake reviews for the services being offered. The company has just lost its trust for writings, customer support service, on time delivery, communication and marketing. Would you handover your efforts to a less reliable platform? It doesn’t make any sense.

Customer Support

The dissertationplanet say they will respond you in no time and they offered different stations to communicate with them like email, phone call and WhatsApp etc. But that is a totally false statement, the website is not well-intentioned to assist you in helping you contact with them for some considerable issues. They either wouldn’t respond you in time or their response would not even helpful to solve your issue. They told you to provide you gradual performance of your dissertation so ye may be aware of your working status, but they take so long in describing the acquired information.

Writer Expertise and Delivery

The dissertationplanet offered to provide best compositions for thesis and research proposals in all disciplines worldwide. You wouldn’t get their true nature by just visiting their site, as they have decorated it well. Their level of service is very poor. Their work doesn’t seems like an educated men’s job and they are offering the write-up of your dissertation. It means all your degree’s worth is in their hand and they are playing with it. You spend you precious time in biding and dealing then, in waiting of the documentation be completed but all of the effort just goes in useless. After a long wait the flair you receive is nothing more than an asset to bin. Sometimes they even get failed to complete the task in time and you may suffer a big loss for that. They dissertationplanet deserve no better reviews then 1 out of 5.



Big scam, don’t do it. They’ll take your money for nothing in exchange. And as the deadline comes, they ask for more money. Don't Trust this company.