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Britishtutorials has given an address of Canary Wharf, Canada Square, London, United Kingdom. But be aware that this address is not real. This is only given for attracting you. In reality, they are functioning from some remote part of India. they use a VPN for the operating company. This is one of the big frauds they are involved in.

Services: what they offer?

Services of britishtutorials are essay, assignment, dissertation, PhD thesis, reports, proofreading, SPSS analysis, and presentation. All these services are given for making you fool. In reality, no such services they can produce for you. Their capability is only known for deception. They will make you prepare for suicide as you will not leave with an option despite paying them and waiting very long.

Pricing System: is that affordable?

How can we trust britishtutoriasl when their pricing rates are not calculated. There is no pricing page available on its site. They have some unknown system which charges you in hundred of dollars while you are not known that why they charge you such highly. This is a way of cheating customers systematically.

Last 5 years track record?

Average Score of every review website for this company?

Quality of work as per our first hand experience?

Is this company based in UK?

Result of our survey:

Most Possibly a Scam!

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Discounts and Special Offers: is that real?

Discounts and special offers are also not given on the company site. As there is no pricing page there is also no discount schemes with them for you. You are just plundered in a hundred dollars.

Security Level (Payment Process): is that safe?

In addition to no pricing page, and discount page availability, payment methods are also not known. It means that they accept all type of payment methods. But be careful as they do not have privacy policy your financial information and bank accounts are on risk with them. They can steal your information and can hack your account. So, never try to enter your debit card details at their site.

Customer Support: do they respond?

British tutorials have very slothful and dogged customer care system. Their agents are involved in the shameful act of disrespecting customers while using fake names. They are neither trustworthy nor helpful from any side. They threaten you to reach university so never ask them for a refund.

Writer Expertise and Delivery: do they deliver well?

The whole company based on frauds. Their writers being unqualified do not know ABC of writing papers. They lack basic knowledge of English grammar and writings formats such as APA, MLA etc. their writings are too much bad. In addition to this, they deliver work after the due date. So, overall, we do not recommend them.

User Review

SCAM and FRAUD COMPANY. They will approach you from Facebook and WhatsApp. Using Fake Facebook profiles. Sweet talk and take your money. They will blackmail you and take your card details or threaten to contact the university. They are from India and Pakistan. Company is not even based in London. Fake Phone number from SKYPE. Ask them to call you from UK mobile number and they can't as they are not in UK. Guys avoid this company like coronavirus. I was victim of this Scammers. They have my Facebook, card and PayPal details. I will not spare this Cons. I will let everyone know about your SCAM. You will not be able to CON any other innocent person. And stop threatening me.

By Liam Augustine

This company operated with the name of Atlantic Research and has Scammed many many innocent students on Facebook, now their previous website is down and the same Scammers have started this website. They are cheap scammers and thieves from India.I have reported this company to Police as they have misused my PayPal details. I can't believe how this people even breath by cheating away with peoples money. Shameless Scammers.

By Nadia H.



Timing? Ethics? It seems like a joke after I had to deal with these most nonprofessional guys ever! Take my word; don’t go for their services unless of course you want to lose your money. And temper.


I am very disappointed by the work I got from this service site. They failed to deliver the research paper on time. And when I got it almost a week after the deadline, it was a useless piles of junk. Not a single word was related to the research topic. There was zero research and most of the text was grammatically incorrect or plagiarized.


I am not a native English student, but my writing is better than what I got from It was really disappointing and on top of that their customer care agents were not even responding to my phone calls. A very bad experience indeed.


Let alone the most absurd piece of work I received, the way these people corresponded to me was gruesome. They didn’t bother to response to my concerns even once on time despite my insistence. It was as if they were doing this free of cost. It was disgusting.


I had some important guidelines regarding a research paper I was intending to publish. I assigned them to work on this and can anyone imagine it was so roughly formatted, and sticking to deadlines? Forget it, they didn’t even read guidelines I’m sure.


When I placed my order, I clearly mentioned the requirements for my paper, and their writer completely ignored them. Is this even a writing service? I mean what’s the use of running a website like this, if you can’t deliver on what you promise.


The grammar and sentence structure of my thesis wasn’t up to the mark. Come on guys, this wasn’t just any old ordinary paper, my whole academic success was dependent upon it and made me look really bad in front of my professor. Never trust these guys with your thesis people!


I submitted a research paper, the content written was mediocre, and the formatting was completely un-organized, there was no proper structure to the research. I had to do it all again myself. I will surely demand a refund for such lame service.


My supervisor called me yesterday and gave me lecture about the plagiarism in my essay. I was so embarrassed to know that because I had ordered the assignment from I was insulted in front of the whole class.


Despite all the claims, failed to deliver my order on time. I inquired from the customer representative about the status of my order. He was quite rude and said me to be patient otherwise they might cancel my order altogether.