Review review

Services: what they offer?

Assignment land offer to serve you with various service of writing assignment and essays for you. They say they will provide you assignments of any topic at any time without delays. You are asked to feel free for making any transaction to avail their services without hesitation. But you are never told that they will just brag a lot about larger services and will not deliver the work they used to make promises for. They just offer the services and never keep their words. We recommend you to never try their services at all. They are just fraud.

Pricing System: is that affordable?

The assignment land offer the services in very high prices which are never affordable by anyone who is just bearing the college dues very hardly. The prices they are charging are too high. Never think that the expensive is also rich in quality. The assignment land is so poor and dump in quality.

Discounts and Special Offers: is that real?

The assignment land will offer you special discounts and special packages to get help in your college and university. All these offers are fake and fraud. You will never think any single of them real for you. As, these are just tricks of grabbing more money from the innocent customers and clients.

Security Level (Payment Process): is that safe?

The assignment land is not secure at all. All the customers are crying for their lost information and they misuse of their confidential information. It is also said that they are hacking their clients’ debit cards and credit card. They are often accused for cyber-crimes and blackmailing the innocent teens, too.

Customer Support: do they respond?

They will never respond your messages in time. They don’t get bother about their customers’ and their problems. The assignment land is never concerned about their clients’ values, feelings and emotions. They just need money and nothing else. They have ruined many customers’ lives and have no regret over it. You may get information about their old customers and know their revues on the page.

Writer Expertise and Delivery: do they deliver well?

The assignment land never deliver in time. You will meet the expiry date and have nothing to submit till then. So, you may face the issues in your institute and feel shameful for not submitting the assignments. And when they deliver the stuff that is full of copy paste and plagiarism. So, don’t put at risk your reputation and career at all.